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Pond & Water Garden Articles

  • Pond Q & A
    Pond Q @ A Q:  Are any containers unsuitable for use as small water features? A:  Any container that...
  • Cool Weather Feeding Tips
    Temperatures are cooling and it's time to start feeding your fish cool water food. The cool water food has a...
  • Spring Pond Cleaning
         The ice has finally melted and our fish are finally making their way back to the surface begging for...
  • Fish Feeding Q & A
    Q.  Is it true that fish lose their appetite in summer?  A.  It depends on the species and the temperature. ...
  • "Rock Bottom" Prices on Stone and Granite Products
    Ran Kei  - Hand Cut Granite                                       2' - Across Top                                 4.5" - Approx. Height ...

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