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AquaBundance Aquaponics System

AquaBundance Aquaponics System | Home Systems
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AquaBundance Aquaponics System
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AquaBundance Aquaponics System | Home Systems
The AquaBundance Aquaponics System is one of the first all-natural systems allowing both the culture of edible fish and vegetables.  This strong, well-built home use unit is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors, made with rotational molded 1/4" UV-protected sides, and food-safe materials.  Tank plumbing is designed for maxium aeration for healthy fish and plants.
Aquaponics is the blending together of aquaculture (raising of fish) and hydroponics (growing plants with a soil-less media) together in the same system.  The break-down of fish waste provides the organic nutrients the plants require.  In turn, the water returned to the fish has been filtered by the growing plants by removing and absorbing plant fertilizer. We therefore, recreate a healthy system that benefits both plants and fish.  No chemicals - a pure sustainable, healthy ecological growing system!   
The AquaBundance Aquaponics System allows the novice gardener to grow tasty plants and edible fish.  Not into raising your own fish to eat?   Your pet fish will work just fine.    This system can be operated year-round both indoors and out, while producing up to twice the harvest of an in-ground garden - yet consuming only 1/10 of the water!  
Gone are the days of trying to piece together a shoddy-looking, flimsy setup which leaks and just never seems to work.  The AquaBundance System is the result of many years of research and experience.  Aesthetics, longevity and functionality were all taken into account when manufacturing the tank and grow bed.   The elevated grow bed is ideal for the elderly or disabled.  Children will delight in learning about the relationship of fish and plants.  What better way to educate about gardening and sustainabilty than with  hands-on teaching!
  • Thick polyethylene walls 1/4" help to moderate extreme temperature swings
  • UV stabilized polymers hold up to the harshest weather conditions
  • Casters and built in handles on stand allow for easy relocation of planter
  • Hand grips on each side of water tank are wide enough for two-handed transport
  • Durable construction of tanks will not bow, crack or degrade
  • Low profile plumbing does not detract from aesthetic design
  • Multi-purpose tank lid provides shade from direct sun, shelter for the fish, and covers the aeration zone
  • Minimal to no weeding in waist high bed - reduces back strain
  • Low energy consumption - pump uses 45 watts (less than the average light bulb)
  • 100% food safe polyethylene will not harm your edible plants and fish
  • Operate year-round for continual harvesting
  • Attractive enough to be placed inside the home
  • Setup allows for placement of tank either directly underneath grow bed or off to the side
  • Unit fits through standard exterior doorways
  • Grow bed for plants
  • 60 gallion tank for fish
  • Strong heavy duty steel coated stand with handles
  • 4 heavy duty casters for easy moving
  • 45 watt electric pump (400 gallons per hour)
  • All necessary plumbing fixtures - PVC piping
  • Timer for pump
  • Digital tank thermometer
  • API Master water test kit
  • DVD detailing aquaponics
  • User's Manual
  • (Optional plant or light stand) extra charge
  • Stand - 33"H x 34"L x 34"W  -  48 lbs.  -  Black color
  • Planter - 12"H x 44"L x 28"W  -  32 lbs.  - Terra Cotta or Light Gray
  • Tank  -  19"H x 43"L x 22"W  -  42 lbs.  - Terra Cotta or Light Gray
  • Warranty -  5 years on grow bed and fish tank
  • Plant!t- 45L Lightweight Expanded Clay
  • Color availability for tanks - Stone and Granite (extra charge)

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