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AeroFlo 18 Aeroponics

AeroFlo 18 Aeroponics | Home Systems
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AeroFlo 18 Aeroponics

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AeroFlo 18 Aeroponics | Home SystemsBy generating a fine mist of nutrient solution, Aeroflo Aeroponics systems optimize the oxygen/water/nutrient ratio for plant roots and provide ideal conditions for all stages of growth. Plants' roots grow in the moist air space between the net cups, and hang in a shallow, constantly circulating bath of super-oxygenated nutrient solution. Systems come with everything you need to get started - net cups, coco inserts, pump, all plumbing and fittings, leg stand, and nutrient solution.

With a 17-gallon reservoir and 18 plant sites, the AeroFlo 18 site is perfect for those who want a compact, high performance system, particularly well-suited to growing lettuce, basil, and other small plants up to three feet in height.
The AeroFlo 18 is sized 2' x 5' 2" This system includes: * 17 gallon reservoir * Three 4 ft. grow chambers * waterPower 120 pump * injection manifold * support structure * 3" grow cups * CocoTek Coco cups and Hydroton * 3 part Flora Kit
Q: How often should I change the hydroponic nutrient solution in my reservoir?
A: To ensure optimal nutritional availability and freshness, change reservoir solutions completely every 1 to 2 weeks. If needed, top off low reservoir levels with 1/4 strength nutrient solution or plain water.
This unit cannot ship to Canada

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